Star Sibling 2015 – Kayla Fox

          Kayla has been volunteering at least six hours of her time and energy in a number of capacities nearly every game since the league’s inception in 2010. Starting out as a “BUDDY” for her older sister or some of the other players during games, Kayla has grown and taken on more and more responsibilities over the past five years. We know that if we need someone to assist during registration on game day, we can count on Kayla. If we need someone to help at the food or merchandise concession areas, we can count on Kayla. If Kayla is working the food concession stand, we can count on her to be responsible for the proceeds. Kayla exemplifies the energy and spirit associated with what we try to accomplish as BUDDYs and as volunteers.
          Kayla is intelligent, creative and has a wonderful sense of humor. Combine those qualities with her leadership, service and character and there are few adults, let alone girls of her own age that can match Kayla. It has been a privilege having Kayla as part of our organization and we are looking forward to another season with her on the field with us. Kayla is a Star Sibling.