Field Director (Suffolk) Cheri Fox

Cheri came to us at the start of the league as the parent of a player. Cheri is the mother or two beautiful daughters; Brittany and Kayla. Brittany is a player involved in the league and the reason we have been graced with Cheri and Kayla’s presence. Once Brittany started playing, Cheri stepped right in as the proud parent she is and offered to help with anything needed in the league.

From parent, to Coach of the Orioles, to Board Member as Committee Chairperson for Game Day activities, and now Field Director for the Suffolk County field, Cheri has stepped up to the plate, so to speak, to help make the League of YES what it is today and what it is going to be in the future. Cheri’s personality, energy and drive have been essential in keeping the focus and energy on what’s important, the players and their families. Cheri keeps the job fun and funny. Cheri, Brittany and Kayla represent why we are all here at the League of YES. They have helped open a whole new world and perspective that will, we hope, allow us to assist in growing this league to greater levels, to provide baseball for as many players that want to play.

The league could not be what it is without her.