Sea of Love 2015 – Jaclyn & Tim Kanaley

Jaclyn and Tim found our league after hearing about a similar program in South Carolina. They have now been steadfast BUDDY’s for four years. In addition to their own activities; for six Saturdays in the fall, and six Saturdays in the spring both of these amazing teens get up early and head to the field, ready to go at 8:30. During the “off season”, both Jaclyn and Tim can be found attending or volunteering for the various activities and fundraisers held by the League of YES. For three out of the last four years, Jaclyn and Tim have applied for a scholarship offered by their school district and each time, Jaclyn and Tim have decided to donate all of the funds to the League of YES.


Jaclyn and Tim looked for a way to contribute to their community and ended up finding something they love. Both Jaclyn and Tim Kanaley are wonderful representatives of the League of YES’ Sea of Love award. Thank you Jaclyn, Tim and the entire Kanaley Family.