Buddy Registration Confirmation

Dear League of YES BUDDY,

On behalf of the Coaches and staff of the entire league of YES, I would like to thank you for registering to be a BUDDY for the League of YES’ 2023 season.

BUDDY stands for Because Unbelievable Dedication Deserves You!   You will find the players of the League of YES enjoy every minute you are there helping and cheering them on as they play baseball. Please take a moment to review the following instructions for the games you have just registered for:

  • Please arrive at the field no later than a half hour before game time. (*Each field has different start times so be sure to check the website schedule.)
  • You will then sit through a brief orientation before being paired with a player.
  • You will be helping the player at bat and navigating them around the base.
  • In the outfield, you need to protect your player from flying balls.
  • No baseball equipment is necessary. Leave your mitts and bats at home.
  • Be open to meeting the player’s parents as they may have special instructions concerning their son or daughter.
  • It’s the parent’s responsibility to accompany their child anytime they need to leave the field or dugout. You are not allowed to take the player to the bathroom or off the field at all!
  • Bring water, snacks and sunscreen on a sunny day and a light jacket as it can be chilly in the morning.
  • If you need community service, please bring your letter with you for us to sign.
  • **If you are seeking additional COMMUNITY SERVICE hours, we have raffle for sale. Purchase 10 tickets for $5.00 each and sell them.  You will receive 2 additional hours per 10 tickets you sell. The raffle need to be purchased up front.

***Please note due to cutbacks, the League of YES no longer gives away BUDDY t-shirts.  However, we do have them at the field for you to purchase for $10.00.  We would appreciate your purchase.

Again, thank you for registering to be a BUDDY for the League of YES. We are certain it will be an experience you will remember for a long time.