Player Registration Confirmation

Dear League of YES Player,

On behalf of the Coaches and staff of the entire league of YES, I would like to welcome you to the new 2023 baseball season. This year promises to be our biggest ever. We expect more players, families and fun, a whole lot more BUDDYs and opportunities for you to experience events and activities throughout the year. Here are a few things to keep in mind between now and Opening Day:

  • Team rosters will be created once the main registration period is over. If you are a returning player and you indicated what team you were on last time you played, you will probably be placed on that team. If you would like to change teams, please contact Program Director Greg Cooke at
  • If you are new to the League of YES, you will be placed on a team so that all teams have equal numbers of players. If you have a friend in the league and you would like to be on the same team, we will try our best to make that happen. Please contact Program Director Greg Cooke at with your request.
  • Once the rosters have been set, your Coaches will start contacting you to tell you everything there is to know about the upcoming season. You should hear from either your Coach or Program Director Greg Cooke soon regarding your team, Uniform Pick-Up Day, and Opening Day.

We have a couple of rules for the season and your Coaches will make sure you know everything when the time comes. There is one that is so important that it needs to be stated now. You should expect to come to the field each week ready to have fun.


See you at the field,

Kristine Fitzpatrick
Executive Director
League of YES